Corporate Social Responsibility
PREMIER GROUP, acting as a Responsible Corporate Citizen, is committed to sharing its success with the community at large, particularly with the underprivileged segments.
The primary goal of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model is to successfully integrate corporate responsibility concerns to the well-being and advancement of the society through contribution in the field of Education especially females, Youth Development, Health and Safety, Promoting Environmental Care and to improve quality of life of underprivileged people as a whole.
  • Education
  • Youth Empowerment and Youth Development Health
Lack of knowledge and education are one of the biggest impediments to a nation’s development. Majority of the problems including violence, extremism, poverty, diseases, intolerance and ecological crisis which our country is facing today stem from lack of knowledge and education.
To participate in national development, youth empowerment, youth development and upliftment of community as a whole, Premier Group took initiatives in Education Sector mainly directed at factory employees as well as peoples and communities from underprivileged sectors. Following are the few initiatives took by Premier Group in this regard.
Initiatives by Premier Group
To achieve the Group’s Broader Mission, PSM School (“the School”) was established in 1961 within the premises of The Premier Sugar Mills and Distillery Company Limited, Mardan. The mission of the School was to provide free of cost quality education, to participate in the development and prosperity of the beloved homeland. Till date, the School has provided free of cost education to more than ten thousand number of students. Currently, more than 200 students are enrolled and getting the education at the School.
ZAMA Trust “the Trust” is a duly registered charitable trust established in response to a profound and insightful vision of “Begum Zari Sarfaraz Khan” in the last memory of his beloved brother “Mr. Mir Afzal Khan (Founder)”.
The main objectives of the Trust include Youth Development and Education especially in females from underprivileged areas/backgrounds. To achieve the above objectives, the Trust awards bursaries/scholarships to deserving individuals from underprivileged areas/background, who would otherwise not have had the financial means to undertake further education.
Main Highlights of Trust
  • Scholarships in kind of full tuition fee are awarded for Paramedical and Vocational Trainings & Courses and Professional Education to deserving individuals;
  • Programmes which have the tenure of one to three years are preferred
  • To enhance women capabilities in society overall 60% of scholarships are awarded to Female Students;
  • Scholarships awarded are distributed between rural areas, urban areas and blind people in the ratio of 60:30:10;
  • To identify the underprivileged and deserving student, more than 500 well-renowned institutions have been registered with ZAMA trust. Every year from March 01, they receive letters and applications from ZAMA Trust to identify Student and provide their relevant information. List of main institutes is given below;
  • With the efforts of Trust, up to 5,000 deserving students have successfully got better education free of cost. Most of them have secured good jobs and are now supporting their families. Trust is also giving financial support to “Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness”;
  • The Trust has also reserved up to 13 special scholarships which can be awarded by trustees to deserving people for the educational purpose.
  • For online application click here.

List of Main Institutes
  • College of medical lab tech NIH Islamabad.
  • Pakistan Institute of Opthomonology Al-Shifa Trust Islamabad.
  • School of allied health sciences.
  • Government College of Technology Lahore.
  • Construction machinery tech institute Islamabad.
  • Government Polytechnic school Islamabad.
  • Government polytechnic institute Lahore.
  • Government polytechnic institute Peshawar.
  • Government vocational-technical institute for girls Dadu.

To ensure better health and to support families of its employees, a dispensary was established in the year 2012 within the premises. Since its foundation, PSM dispensary has been providing free medical assistance and medicines to employees and their families facilities.

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