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Latest News will be shown here. e,g The Group has nationwide industrial and trading ventures in each province backed by a supporting network of offices in the business areas of Mardan, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi.
Investor Information
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Ordinary shares of ARPAK INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED are listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited under the ticker code ARPAK.

Pakistan Stock Exchange

Notice of General Meetings/Announcements

Notice of General Meetings / Announcements can be viewed / downloaded by using the following link:

Annual General Meeting / سالانہ عام اجلاس

Extra Ordinary General Meeting / غیر معمولی عام اجلاس

Announcements / اعلانات

Pattern of Shareholding

Pattern of Shareholding can be viewed / downloaded by using the following link:
(Note : Pattern of Shareholding as at June 30, 2019)

Pattern of Shareholding

Free Float Shares

Free Float Shares of the Company as on June 30, 2019 were 270,327 shares.

Transmission of Audited Financials Statements Through E-mail Form

The consent form for circulation of annual audited financial statements through e-mail can be downloaded by using the following link:

Consent Form

Share Transfer Deed Form

The share transfer deed form for transferring of shares can be downloaded by using the following link:

Share Transfer Deed Form

Dividend Mandate Form

The above form can be downloaded by using the following link:

Dividend Mandate Form

Standard Request Form (SRF) for provision of hard copy of Annual Report

The above form can be downloaded by using the following link:

Standard Request Form

Compliance Certificate under SRO 634(I)/2014

The Compliance Certificate under SRO No. 634 (I)/2014 dated 10th July, 2014 can be viewed/downloaded by using the following link:

Compliance Certificate 2016

Compliance Certificate 2015

Compliance Certificate 2014

List of shareholders

List of shareholders who have not provided copy of their valid CNICs.

List of Shareholders (D-36)

List of Shareholders (D-35)

Investor Information

The following have been placed on website of the Company along with their relevant link:

  1. Annual reports for the current financial year as well as the previous two years.
  2. Financial Highlights for previous five years.
  3. Interim accounts i.e. latest available accounts as well as for the last three quarters.
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For any type of complain / query the shareholders of the company can use the following link or sending mails directly to the following official:

Mujahid Bashir
Company Secretary
Premier Group of Companies
Phone # 051-2650805-7

Online Complain Form | آن لائن شکایات فارم