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The Group has nationwide industrial and trading ventures in each province backed by a supporting network of offices in the business areas of Mardan, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi.
  Group Companies

Arpak International Investments Limited

(Listed Company) 

 H. O Location    Islamabad.


With interests in real estate and equities, this is a general investment company.

Premier Ceramics Limited
  (Public Ltd Company
Non Listed)
Factory Location  
G.T.Road, Lalamusa,    

This unit was taken over by the sponsors in 1977. It is a fine china plant producing tableware and ceramic decorations. The unit is closed as the local market is flooded with the smuggled table ware.

Syntron Limited
  (Public Ltd Company -Non Listed) Factory Location:
Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate, N.W.F.P
  SYNTRON LIMITED is among the largest manufacturers of Woven Polypropylene Bags (WPP Bags) in Pakistan, the company was established in 1992, the project located in the Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate, Gadoon N.W.F.P Pakistan.
  It offers a wide range of applications in packaging:
  In the Food industry (flour, sugar, rice, salt etc.)
  In the Chemical industry (fertilizers, powders, soda, sand etc.)
  In the Textile industry (fabric, yarn) &
  In Agriculture (cereals, seeds, animal feed, fodder, etc.)
    Plant & Machinery is imported from the prestigious make of  “Starlinger & Company” Austria, which includes two extrusion lines, 58 looms, 2 automatic finishing lines (Cutting, Sewing, Printing) having production capacity of 42 Million bags per annum. Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with most modern technology to ensure and control the quality of product during the different stages of the production process.
Syntronics Limited

(Public Ltd Company - Non Listed) Factory Location
Hattar Industrial
 Estate, N.W.F.P

  Syntronics Limited, a high tech project is the latest addition in the Premier Group of Companies. The project manufactures world wide patented, economical and environmental friendly innovative packaging material “AD*STAR® Woven Block Bottom Valve Sack”. The sack is hermetically sealed and is manufactured from environment friendly thermo plastic material. The sack has following diversified and wide range of packaging applications:
  Cement Products (Portland Cement, White Cement, Sulphate Resistant Cement)
Mineral Products (Calcium Carbonate, Gypsum, Lime)
Chemical Petro Chemical Products (PVC Compound, Master Batches, Fertilizers)
Food Products (Flour, Corn, Grain, Sugar, Salt, Animal Feed) as well as Shopping Bags
  The manufacturing facility is located at Hattar, North West Frontier Province with the installed capacity to produce 100 Million sacks per annum. Plant and machinery is imported under licence from world-renowned Austrian & German manufacturers. The plant is fully computerized which ensures high quality of above mentioned packaging products under ISO quality certification.
Premier Board Mills Limited
  (Public Ltd Company - Non Listed)   Factory Location  Mardan,  N. W. F. P.
  This company is exploring the possibility of setting up a medium density fiberboard project. This project is at initial stage.
Azlak Enterprises (Private) Limited

(A Private Ltd Company)                H.O Location   Karachi.

  With 30 years of operations behind it, this company is the leader in handling of bulk chemicals into Pakistan. Based at the Karachi Port, it has a chemical terminal with adequate storage facilities for specialized chemicals.
Phipson & Company Pakistan (Private) Limited
   (A Private Ltd Company)               H.O Location   Karachi.
  As the exclusive distributor to the Pakistan Navy for cigarettes, this company has provided reliable and efficient services for over 30 years.
Aurora (Private) Limited

(Private Ltd Company)              H.O Location    Islamabad.

  This company represents multinationals that have business interests in Pakistan. This list includes companies such as the investment bank of Salomon Brothers and the architectural design firm of Louis Berger Group, Inc.